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Guideline on Writing Reading Response

Click here to see the file Guideline on Writing Reading Response

It uses Foxit Reader. Happy writing.

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Pronunciation Handout

Click here to get the file Handout-En-Pr-Pr

Happy studying.

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Paragraph-Based Writing End-of-Course Reflection

Dear students, what follows is the guideline for writing your End-of-Course Reflection:

Write your answers to the following questions in a letter-like format, containing several paragraphs.
• What did you learn from the course?
• How does the course help you improve your writing skill(s)?
• What else do you still want to learn but you have not learned it (them) in the course?
• Are you now ready to write at essay/genre level? Explain.
• How the course contents (materi perkuliahan) are delivered?
• How to better deliver the course contents (materi perkuliahan)?
• What do you think of the course works (tasks/assignments)/tugas perkuliahan?
• How are you assessed (dinilai) in this course?
• How to better assess students in this course?
• What do you suggest for the betterment of SBW’s classroom management?
• What grade (nilai) do you think you deserve from the course?
• Why do you deserve that grade?
Happy Writing and Good Luck.

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Samples of Instructional Document

Dear ELCDers,

Click here to see the list of blog addresses of last year TMD students, could be reference for you to develop your own instructional documents TMD Friday 05 Students’ Blog Address TMD Friday 04 Students’ Blog Address

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ELCD Materials

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SGP Handout

Click here to get the file SGP Handout

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