Pronunciation Practice

Course Description and Outline

English Department
Faculty of Language and Art
Semarang State University

Pronunciation Practice


Subject Name : Pronunciation Practice
Subject Code : BIN102
Credit Unit : 2
Class Day : Monday and Thursday
Room : B3-217 Lab LC

This course is designed to introduce students to and expose them with English sounds, specifically vowels and diphthongs. It also covers some problematic consonants, word and sentence stress, intonation, as well as weak and strong pronunciation.

At the end of the semester, students should be able to:
• Obtain knowledge of English pronunciation
• Produce English vowels and diphthongs either in isolation or in words correctly
• Deal with problematic consonants
• Put proper stress on the right syllable of words and on the right word of sentences
• Apply correct intonation in pronouncing sentences
• Recognize two degrees of pronunciation, i.e. weak and strong pronunciation

Name : Puji Astuti, S.Pd., M.Pd.
Phone Number : 081901021800
Email address :

If you need, or want, to meet me during the semester, you may visit me one hour before or after class or arrange an appointment. It’s important, however, always first to check with one of your peers. You may also send an email with your inquiry. I’m always ready to listen, to help and most of all to be a partner in the learning process.

As the name suggests, this course uses practice/drill as the primary strategy to achieve the objectives.

The course uses the following references:

Sukrisno, Alim. 2010. English Pronunciation Practice. Unpublished Handout.

Kelly, Gerald. 2000. How to Teach Pronunciation. Essex: Longman

Students are all expected to attend every class and come on time, though I do know occasionally for whatever reason you might be absent. If you do happen to miss a class (not more that 20 % though), please make sure you keep up with the course work. Contact one of your peers for an update.

Students will be assessed using the following criteria percentage:
• Attendance 10%
• Class Participation 10%
• Assignment 1 15%
• Assignment 2 15%
• Mid-test 20%
• Final-test 30%

Week Material
1. Welcoming Remarks
Introduction to English Pronunciation

2. English Sounds [ i: ] AND [ I ]

3. English Sounds [ ɛ ] AND [ æ ]

4. English Sounds [ə] AND [ə:]

5. English Sounds [ʌ] AND [a:]

6. English Sounds[ʌ] AND [a:]

7. English Sounds [Ʊ] AND [u:]

8. English Sounds [eI] AND [aI]

9. Mid Semester Test

10. English Sounds [ɛə] AND [aƱ]

11. English Sounds [Iə] AND [Ʊə]

12. Some Problematic Consonants

13. Exercise of Word and Sentence Stress

14. Exercise of English Intonation

15. Exercise on Weak and Strong Pronunciation

16. Final Test



7 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Evon SP said,

    I’m sorry mam,there are 2 references for this course,
    is the handout contain that 2 references?
    thank you,

  2. 5

    Muhammad Roshif Aufa said,

    Mom, last week you said that the handout of English Pronunciation Practice is in pdf format, but when I clicked on “Handout En-Pe-Er” the format is word…is that true mom??

  3. 7

    MR_Aufa said,

    Mom, where can we found the handout of sentence-based writing that you had promised???

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