Paragraph-Based Writing End-of-Course Reflection

Dear students, what follows is the guideline for writing your End-of-Course Reflection:

Write your answers to the following questions in a letter-like format, containing several paragraphs.
• What did you learn from the course?
• How does the course help you improve your writing skill(s)?
• What else do you still want to learn but you have not learned it (them) in the course?
• Are you now ready to write at essay/genre level? Explain.
• How the course contents (materi perkuliahan) are delivered?
• How to better deliver the course contents (materi perkuliahan)?
• What do you think of the course works (tasks/assignments)/tugas perkuliahan?
• How are you assessed (dinilai) in this course?
• How to better assess students in this course?
• What do you suggest for the betterment of SBW’s classroom management?
• What grade (nilai) do you think you deserve from the course?
• Why do you deserve that grade?
Happy Writing and Good Luck.


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