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The Voice of Our Freshmen about their Major and Study Objective

Click here to read their honest paragraphs:

Intensive Writing
Intensive Writing_0001
Intensive Writing_0002
Intensive Writing_0003
Intensive Writing_0004
Intensive Writing_0005
Happy reading.


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Learning from Others’ Writing

Recently I read a posting on a friend’s blog. It’s so reflective. To some extent, I learn about the writer through his writing. How could this be possible? His writing shows what he thinks about, what he sees as important in his life, what he thinks he needs to do and to be, what he did and how he thought about what he has done. I sense a freedom. I sense someone’s appreciation of life.

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Reading in the Midst of Busy Teaching Days

Parameter should be set here, reading in this sense means reading materials other than teaching materials. It is reading materials that I need to develop myself professionally; to build my expertise.  Then how? Read them ten minutes before the next class, it is ok to just comprehend one or two lines from many paragraphs. I should get used to noises around me. Otherwise, I would not read at all by the end of the day!

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