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The Voice of Our Freshmen about their Major and Study Objective

Click here to read their honest paragraphs:

Intensive Writing
Intensive Writing_0001
Intensive Writing_0002
Intensive Writing_0003
Intensive Writing_0004
Intensive Writing_0005
Happy reading.


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Distribution of SK and KD for the 2nd LP

Click here Assignment for the 2nd LP

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PSGD Evaluation Form and Guideline of Writing Reflection

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Character Education in Our Curriculum

Dear BERMUTU teachers,

Click here to get the slides of Character Education in Our Curriculum:

(1) Grand Desain Pendidikan Karakter

(7) Pendidikan Karakter di SMP mll PBM-MBS-EKSKUL

Wish you all the best!
Puji Astuti

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