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Workshop on Blog-The Second Edition

A crowd of eager lecturers attended the second edition of workshop on blog. One senior lecturer told me the other day that he would surely attend the workshop and said he would: ‘Kebo nyusu gudhel” a Javanese proverb that means senior learns from junior. This is a message for me that I should be able to learn from anyone, regardless of age. I notice that not everyone could do so. There are some causes for such a reality: inborn superior feeling, upbringing, immaturity, bad time management, etc. Another thing that I learn from this workshop is the facilitator: Drs. Hartoyo, Ph.D. He remains humble and patients dealing with participants with various characters, not to mention his communication skills. Long live English Department of Unnes!


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Preparing the Upcoming Semester with Workshop on Blog

A great number of lecturers of English Department of Faculty of Languages and Arts Semarang State University might use blog for organizing their courses next semester, as a follow up of a workshop on making blog conducted in January. Hopefully students of the Department would familiarize themselves with and have their own blog.

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