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Syllabus of ELCD

Click here to see the syllabus SYLLABUS


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Anouncement for SGP

Dear Students of Speaking for General Purposes (Monday, B3-318, 07.00-8.40)

I have an out-of-town assignment from the university so there would be no class on Monday, August 30, 2010. Make-up class will be held on Friday, September 3, 2010 at 11.00 up to 12.00 (will probably end before 12) in B3 220 A.

Please be informed.

Thank you.
Puji Astuti

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Syllabus of Speaking for General Purposes (BIN 203)

Click to see the syllabus Syllabus It is actually Course Description and Outline, the simple form of the course syllabus.

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Learning from Others’ Writing

Recently I read a posting on a friend’s blog. It’s so reflective. To some extent, I learn about the writer through his writing. How could this be possible? His writing shows what he thinks about, what he sees as important in his life, what he thinks he needs to do and to be, what he did and how he thought about what he has done. I sense a freedom. I sense someone’s appreciation of life.

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