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Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy. Robert Heinlein

I think this quote suits my present situation. I gave one student E, and three students D for their grade this semester. Part of my heart says pity for them to get E because the number of their attendance meets the requirement. The other part of my heart says the otherwise. The score, I guarantee, reflect their competence in the subject.

I google characters of favorite lecturer the other day and read some students from other universities’ comments about it. I tried to get facts than opinion. Many of the students stated that their lecturers did not require full attendance in their course. Even two students stated that they may not come as long as they have their quizzes, mid, and final test.

It is not shocking me because I’ve heard such information long before I attended my undergraduate program. It is an illegal conduct in my university!

Again about score, should I upgrade their score? The answer is a big NO. C’mon, people have to see the other students’ work.

I am handicapping my students if I give them score which does not reflect their knowledge and competence.


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