Syllabus of PBW

Click here to get the file Course Description and Outline It is the simple form of the course syllabus.


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Syllabus of Intermediate Reading Comprehension

Click here Intermediate Reading Comprehension It is called course description and outline, the simple form of the course syllabus.

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SBW’s Assessment Criteria, End-of-Course Reflection, and End-of-Semester Portfolio Check

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End-of-Course Reflection, End-of-Semester Portfolio Check Technicalities, and Assessment Criteria

Dear all TMDers
Click here to get the files End-of-Course Reflection End-of-Semester Portfolio Check Criteria of TMD Assessment
Good Luck.

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TMD Blog Addresses

Dear TMD Students,

Click here to see your classmates’ blog addresses
TMD Friday 04 Students’ Blog Address

TMD Friday 05 Students’ Blog Address

Visit, leave comments, and learn from them.

Good luck.

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SBW Blog Addresses

Dear SBW students,

Click here to get the file SBW Students’ Blog Address

Check them out and learn from them.

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About Lesson Plan

Dear members of TMD course,

click here to get a sample of lesson plan in which Genre-based Approach and Eksplorasi-Elaborasi-Konfirmasi of Standar Proses Permendiknas No. 41 2007 are married Sample Lesson Plan (Marrying GBA-EEK)

and Perencanaan Pembelajaran: Silabus dan Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran here Penyusunan Silabus dan RPP

Happy Lesson Planning!

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