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Portfolio Pick Up

dear students,

i am attending a training for two weeks. you can pick up your portfolio after July 26. thanks.

best regards,


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What to Write in Your End-of-Course Reflection?

Put your answers to the following questions in a letter-like format, containing several paragraphs:

• What did you learn from the course?
• How does the course help prepare you to be an English teacher?
• What else do you still want to learn but you have not learned it (them) in the course?
• How the course contents are delivered?
• How to better deliver the course contents?
• What do you think of the course works (tasks/assignments)?
• What grade do you think you deserve from the course?
• Why do you deserve that grade?

Happy Writing!

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Portfolio Checklist for ELTAC Course

1. End-of-Course Reflection
2. The syllabus of ELTAC course

Documents of Group Work
3. Syllabus containing the given SK and KD, translated to English
4. The RPP of assigned SK and KD, translated to English
5. The draft of group’s lesson plan (LP)
6. The revised group’s LP

Documents of Individual Work
7. Reflection on group’s micro teaching
8. The draft of individual micro teaching LP
9. The revised individual micro teaching LP
10. Reflection on individual micro teaching


11. The first reading material
12. The first reading response
13. The second reading material
14. The second reading response
15. The third reading material
16. The third reading response
17. The fourth reading material
18. The fourth reading response
19. The fifth reading material
20. The fifth reading response

Good Luck!

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Portfolio Checklist for CMD II Course

1. End-of-Course Reflection
2. Syllabus of CMD II course

Documents of Group Work

3. The draft of group’s mapping
4. The revised group’s mapping
5. The draft of group’s syllabus
6. The revised group’s syllabus
7. The draft of group’s lesson plan
8. The revised group’s lesson plan


9. The 1st reading material
10. The 1st reading response
11. The 2nd reading material
12. The 2nd reading response
13. The 3rd reading material
14. The 3rd reading response
15. The 4th reading material
16. The 4th reading response
17. The 5th reading material
18. The 5th reading response

Documents of Individual Work

19. The draft of individual syllabus
20. The revised individual syllabus
21. The draft of individual LP
22. The revised individual LP
23. The draft of learning materials.
24. The revised learning materials.
25. The 2nd individual syllabus
26. The 2nd individual LP

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