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Learning through Performing

I visited my previous workplace yesterday. I went there with an intention: to encourage the teachers there to start writing, especially academic writing. I started by reminding them the importance of professional development, why it is necessary for teachers to do academic writing, then I moved on to introduction to academic writing. Well, the audiences were attentive and enthusiastic. One thing that I should always remember is: by presenting (sometimes I prefer to call it performing), I realize that there is much more to learn so I could perform better next time. Implication: asking students to present their understanding, views, what they read, is a fruitful medium of learning. Plus, teacher’s guidance!


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Academic Discussion

Having academic discussion with colleagues on regular basis is part of professional development. However, it should be done with trustable colleagues. I argue, for professional development to take place, those colleagues should:

  • listen without judging
  • responding without feeling superior
  • giving feedback without asking something in return
  • not telling the world over public address system about what we are working on
  • not requiring us to always ‘report’ to him or her

Let’s find our trustable colleagues!

Happy finding!

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